Friday, June 13, 2014

P.S. to Jamie Joseph

Hello friends,

This is a postscript to my love note to Jamie Joseph...

I wanted to share the beautiful ring that my friend Heidi chose with our winnings from the Silverado Jamie Joseph contest (see aforementioned blog post!).

Heidi's ring literally glows - just like the picture - and it is so beautiful just like her! I was thrilled that she chose this sparkling turquoise stone with a tiny diamond embedded in it. For those of you who know Heidi, she's a fancy gal! She loves her ring as much as Heather (Heidi's twin) and I love ours.

Heidi sent me the following text when she first got hers: "I love my ring sooooo much! I have a cramp in my wrist from holding my hand up to gaze upon its beauty."

I can totally relate. There is something magical about the beauty and energy that emanate from Jamie Joseph's rings.

We gathered on the Oregon Coast a couple of weekends ago to spread Scott's ashes at Pacific City, one of his favorite surf spots. It was a very special and sacred time (more on that at some point). Here are a few pictures of our rings together for the first time, and so happy!

We were there on Scott's 43rd birthday and Sofia and Chance wrote him this message in the sand!



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