Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Love Note to Jamie Joseph

Dear Jamie,
We "met" several years ago when I stumbled upon your beautiful creations at Essenza in Fremont. It was love at first sight!

And so began my hunt for the perfect Jamie Joseph ring. I looked and looked - for years - and then I stumbled upon you again, unexpectedly, in Hood River last summer. My first stop when I arrived in town after driving from Seattle was at Doppio for a snack and a cup of tea. To my utter delight, I saw a postcard for your trunk show at Silverado on the counter.

Fortunately it coincided perfectly with my plans for the week and I hit the show with my friend Heather before leaving town. We oohed and awed and tried on many rings. There were several we loved but the matching ones we chose literally had our names on them.

We went to lunch to discuss the big decision and ultimately decided to put off our purchases. It wasn't great timing - Heather's husband (and my oldest friend from childhood) was battling stage 4 cancer and he was mid-treatment. We decided buying rings wasn't the most responsible thing to do at the time. We could always find the perfect Jamie Joseph rings later, right?!

Well the story doesn't end there. I left town and headed back to Seattle. I thought about "my ring" constantly and couldn't get it out of my mind. I was just about to call Heather to tell her we made a big mistake by passing up the rings, when she called at the exact time I was about to dial her and she told me she just put her ring on lay away. What, lay away? They still do that? Silverado does!

So I drove for another hour or so and then stopped to call Silverado to put my ring on lay away too. I was so worried someone else would buy it before I called. But they didn't - it was waiting for me.

For the next couple of weeks Heather and I were in contact several times about Scott's health - and our rings. We could not wait to pay them off. We decided on August - just a few weeks away.

We bought our matching green rings as symbols that Scott would be healed from cancer. We call them our "believe" rings. They have provided hope and beauty during some pretty dark days. I think you know that Scott lost his fight in January, but Heather and I still feel a huge connection through our rings. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them - and we love you! (We hope to meet you for real some day!) 

Here are a few pictures of us enjoying our rings.

Another symbol of hope and healing, glassybaby also helped us get through this past year. When Heather was visiting me in Seattle last year, we went to the glassybaby store and her ring looked so pretty with the glassybaby they had on display.

We went to Maui together as a family after Scott passed away - Heather's ring matched the glistening water, where Scott spent so much time surfing.

This picture was taken last August at Obliteride in Seattle, a bike ride fundraiser I work on to raise money for cancer research. Heather and I were absolutely giddy about our rings.

Finally, thank you for choosing us as the winners of the Silverado Hood River Jamie Joseph Facebook contest. We are excited for Heather's twin sister, Heidi, to join our club when she gets her Jamie Joseph ring with our prize from the contest.

And, thank you for bringing so much color, beauty and creativity to the world. You have touched so many people you've never even met.


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