Saturday, May 10, 2014

Thank you, Mom!

Two of my biggest teachers in my life have been my mom and my daughter, Sofia. My mom has always told me "Being a mother is the greatest honor in life." It wasn't until I became a mom almost seven years ago that I understood what she meant. 
With an abundance of gratitude for my mom, I share some of her best teachings. She's never heavy-handed, always teaching by example and how she lives her life.
1. Love unconditionally.
2. Treat everyone with respect - from the parking garage attendant to the big boss.
3. See beauty in everything.
4. Love God and attend church regularly.
5. Exercise every day.
6. Eat nutritious food - unprocessed and plant-based as much as possible.
7. Give great gifts - and take great care in packaging them and tying beautiful bows.
8. Always have fresh flowers in your home.
9. Thinks positively - always.
10. Do not gossip.
11. Get involved in the community and give back.
12. Smile and say "hello" to strangers.
13. When possible, send a handwritten note, instead of an email or text.
14. Use medicine as little as possible - use natural remedies as often as possible.
15. Forgive.
16. Create rituals and traditions - even if your kids tease you. They will appreciate them as adults.
17. Invest in good skincare products.
18. Take your vitamins.
19. Go to the chiropractor at least once a month.
20. Sugar is evil.
21. Don't over-eat, over-drink, over-spend, over-work, over-think: everything in moderation. (Good Scandinavian!)
22. Drink champagne.
23. Buy the highest quality you can afford.
24. Accessories make the outfit.
25. Wear red lipstick.
What are the best life lessons you've learned from your mom? Why don't you take this opportunity to let her know, and thank her? And while you're at it, how about writing the 10 Things I Love About You to your mom and include it in her Mother's Day Card?
Happy Mother's Day!

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