Monday, October 20, 2014

Saying Goodbye...Again

This weekend I went to Hood River to help scatter my friend Scott's ashes in the Columbia River where he loved to windsurf. It was the second of three ceremonies we will do to honor Scott. The first one was an intimate gathering at his favorite surf spot on the Oregon Coast earlier this year.
It was an emotional and beautiful weekend, filled with stories, tears, laughs and lots of good friends. That is one of the things that keeps hitting me about Scott - he had  A LOT of friends. The way he lived his life impacted a lot of people. He made an impression with his dry wit, his athleticism, his strong work ethic and the twinkle in his baby blue eyes.
On Saturday afternoon, his community came out to the shores of the mighty Columbia River, to his favorite windsurfing spot, to honor a friend, a dad, a husband, a co-worker and a darn good windsurfer.

God beams showered his wife Heather as she scattered Scott's ashes. Simply amazing.

One of Scott's friends sailed his windsurfer, as Heather and his son Zane looked on from the shore. I know Scott was smiling down on that!

Everyone wrote a message to Scott on a river rock and threw it into the river along with a red rose, symbolizing love.

This winter we will scatter Scott's ashes on Crystal Mountain, his winter playground. And we will once again say goodbye to an amazing guy. Until we meet again.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Three Florists' Delight

Last week I wrote about colorful, delightful dahlias. Within the last week, I've learned about a new variety -- the café au lait dahlia -- that is the favorite of three of my favorite florists. First, my sister Jill of Starflower in Portland posted the above picture on Instagram with this caption: "If I were to buy myself flowers, it would be these girls."

Jill created this amazing, dramatic bridal bouquet with café au laits as the hero.

The next day, I bumped into Tess of July Floral Design delivering weekly flowers to Volunteer Park Cafe, and she told me about a bloom she's especially excited about right now - the café au lait! She told me "They are the IT flower!"
Tess designed these gorgeous arrangements for a party last week.

And a couple of days later, my friend Maura of Casablanca Floral posted these pics on Facebook with the following caption: "Aaaah these café au lait dahlias are sumptuous. They make me want to get married again (to the same man!)."

These gorgeous blooms have definitely gotten the attention of three of the most talented floral artists I know. I love how each of them uses them in their own unique way.

Keep your eyes out for these beauties. I've yet to see them in person, but I hope to sometime soon.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tea Speaks to Me

Tea is my constant companion. It picks me up in the morning. It keeps me company during the day. It comforts me like a warm hug. The messages on my Yogi tea bags this week have been especially comforting and inspiring, so I wanted to share a few with you.


I feel like the Universe is speaking to me through tea! What speaks to you?

Monday, October 6, 2014

Dahlia Delight

The dahlia garden at Seattle's Volunteer Park (aka my happy place) is still in full bloom. Here are some happy blooms to brighten your day! These are the unfiltered versions. Pop over to Instagram for the artsy versions!


Monday, September 22, 2014

It's the Little Things

I've been having so much fun with my #100happydays project. My big aha is that there are so many things that make me happy every day. This project has forced me to notice them, and appreciate the little happy moments even more.

It's a bike ride in the sun, a shiny new red teapot, a birthday dinner, a gardenia, girlfriends, a moving sermon at church, a new pair of shoes. These little moments are what add up to a happy life. Wouldn't you agree? Here's a recap of the last 11 days.



Follow along on my #100happydays journey on Instagram. Or start your own. I highly recommend it!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Amazing Women No. 9: Megan Kophs

Hello friends! I am so excited to feature one of my best friends and one of the most amazing women I know on my blog today.

Megan Kophs recently launched her personal styling business, StyleRemix. I asked her to share some fashion tips for fall. If you feel like you’re in a rut or need some help pulling the perfect outfits together, I highly recommend a personal styling session with Megan. It’s fun and worth every penny! You can also sign up for her weekly emails to receive free style tips, the latest fashion trends and new blog posts. I highly recommend this too!

Fall fashion tips…a conversation with Megan Kophs

Q. First things first, what is your favorite color/color combo for fall 2014?
A. That is a tough one! I am drawn to both the metallic and navy trends this season but for a true pop of color I am obsessed with red! The quote "When in doubt, wear red" by Bill Blass comes to mind. It is a confident and timeless color and it wardrobes effortlessly with almost any neutral. It is easy to add a pop of red into your wardrobe with accessories, shoes, a handbag, or to really make a statement try a red coat. 

Q. What is your favorite trend for fall 2014?
A. My favorite fall 2014 trend is the classic tailored lines and simple shapes everywhere this season. Minimalist styles easily transition from work to evening. I love the casual and modern look of an oversized wool coat with a cropped pant or a midi skirt. Just add a cashmere sweater and pumps or a heeled boot for a polished and sophisticated look.    

Q. What is your style philosophy?
A. As you develop your personal style and understand what styles flatter your body, you can create a wardrobe that reflects your signature look. Only keep or buy items that make you feel confident and happy. What you wear gives others an instant snapshot of who you are. It can be great way to express yourself so have fun with it and let your personality shine through!

Q. What investment pieces are you recommending to your clients for fall 2014?
A. I always recommend investing in great boots, perfect-fitting denim and wool coats. These are items that you will wear over and over and will carry you through the winter season. My absolute favorite boot trend for this season is knee-high Stuart Weitzman boots. There are also some great suede color options. They can be worn with dresses, skirts, leggings and skinny jeans throughout the fall and winter seasons. 

Q. How do you help your clients look and feel their best?
A. I work with my clients to assess wardrobe needs and tailor my services to fit individual budgets, body types and lifestyles. Together we create goals for developing a personal style which usually starts with a closet consultation. My goal is to have every client feel confident getting dressed and understand the styles, patterns and colors that will make them look and feel their best every day.  

Q. You do the working mom thing so gracefully. What are your go-to items for transitioning throughout the day?
A. Have fun with accessories and invest in great handbags and shoes that fit your personal style. If you have staple pieces in your wardrobe you can put together a very versatile outfit by sticking to the basics. Adding a great tote, a necklace and the right shoes can pull together almost any outfit from a t-shirt and jeans to basic pants and a cardigan. I can go from volunteering in the classroom, to a client meeting, to date night by bringing a great handbag, a scarf or a statement necklace, and change of shoes.

Q. Anything else you want to share?
A. Every wardrobe needs essential neutral pieces that fit great. These include timeless pieces that you can wear throughout seasons and you feel great in. Some of my must- have essentials include: perfect fit denim, black pant, white button up shirt, tees and camisoles, blazer, LBD, trench coat, cashmere turtleneck, skirt, cardigan, riding boots, ballet flats and patent heels. Once you have those key tailored pieces it is easy mix and match, add seasonal trends, and accessorize without getting overwhelmed.

For more inspiration check out the Style Remix website.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014


Hello friends,

Today I'm starting a project to breathe new life into my blog - and hopefully bring some joy and inspiration to you!

Yesterday while enjoying a cup of tea at Volunteer Park Cafe and poring through the latest House Beautiful color issue, I read about the #100happydays challenge. 

For the next 100 days, follow my journey on Instagram where I'll be posting at least one picture of something that makes me happy every day. If you're not an Instagrammer, I'll be posting a weekly round-up here so you won't miss out on the fun. Or join me - sign up for your own #100happydays challenge here.  

I'll be posting in the following categories and hashtags. These are things that make me happy and feed my soul. 

- Color (#colormakesmehappy, #ilovecolor)
- 5 f's (#family, #friends, #fleurs, #fashion, #fun)
- Health & wellness (#healthylifestyle, #nutrition)

And one to keep things interesting - #justbecause. 

Here's to happy days ahead!