Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Color Factory

Think Willy Wonka's for color enthusiasts . . . this is The Color Factory
a 13,000-square-foot pop-up experience in the heart of San Francisco. Housed in an old office building, this two-story interactive exhibition celebrates color in a big and bold way!

Originally opened in August, the exhibit sold out right away. They've extended the run and it's currently sold out. Just goes to show, I'm not the only one who loves color!!  

A good friend of mine who lives in San Francisco was able to score four tickets for 10 a.m. last Thursday. We were first in line and for two hours we totally geeked out over color. It was a blast and a completely immersive color experience!

Throughout the exhibit we were encouraged to take photos and selfies - so here goes! Buckle up for a colorful ride through the magical rooms of The Color Factory!

First in line . . . !

Our crew of "chic color nerds!"

Scratch and sniff wall - yep! 

The scents in the olfactory exhibit were crazy realistic. My fav!

Then the orange room!

Followed by the fabulous blue Balloon Bath.

A fan of all things disco, I especially loved the next room!

The room housing a giant Light Bright was really fun too!

The green room invites guests to color on the walls with gigantic pens! Yes, they were heavy!

Always a fan of colorful ribbon and all things Swedish, I especially loved this amazing ribbon installation designed by Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren that includes over 10,000 ribbons hanging from the ceiling. Fun fact: Jacob has worn a different striped shirt every day for the last 17 years! He has a book about it!

Who doesn't love confetti?! We got to play around in a room full of it!

Next up: Yellow!

We even got yellow soft serve! Yummmy!

The fun continues with pink!

Almost done - one last picture in front of the colorful elevator!

And, finally, because we love color so much, we brought our favorite color book along with us: Leatrice Eiseman's The Complete Color Harmony: Pantone Edition!

On behalf of my colorful crew, Lara A., Lara L., Julie and me - I hope you enjoyed the tour! If you have a chance to visit The Color Factory, do!! 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Les Couleurs de Tahiti

Imagine an island far, far away in the South Pacific where the water is striped with three shades of blue – light aqua, deep turquoise and cobalt, where French is the spoken language, the food is exquisite, the hospitality is unmatched, the scent of gardenias wafts through the warm air—and there are fire dancers!!

This is Tahiti – 118 islands that make up French Polynesia. It is the most incredibly beautiful and colorful place I have ever visited.

It’s Hawaii on steroids (times 1000!) and you feel like you’re in Europe, surrounded mostly by French and Italian honeymooners, and a few “others” like us celebrating other milestones. In our case, our 20th anniversary.

There is literally no stress once you get there (after a 20-hour journey from Seattle), save for deciding what kind of tropical cocktail you will order for lunch, happy hour and dinner!

We’ve been back a week and I can’t get Tahiti off my mind. It was definitely a dream vacation and a place we’d love to visit again when we have another significant milestone to celebrate!

For now, I hope you enjoy the beauty and colors of this truly special part of our planet.


Our first views upon arriving in Bora Bora. From the airplane. Absolutely breathtaking. 

This is the most charming airport I've ever been to. We hopped in a boat that took us to our resort on a private island off of Bora Bora. 

This is our overwater bungalow. Soooo dreamy!

The glass topped coffee table provided a view of the water and loads of tropical fish.

And the perfect setting for happy hour and cribbage every night!

I took my favorite "skinny dip" glassybaby which matched my toes and the water beautifully! 

We loved the local Polynesian culture. I took a class to learn how to make this bracelet out of Tahitian gardenias. It smelled divine! All of the women wear crowns of flowers like this in their hair. So beautiful. 

Look at those smiles! Such happy, lovely people!

The housekeepers wore colorful outfits, rode bikes and always had big smiles on their faces, which made me smile every time I saw them! 

There were gorgeous flowers everywhere. These purple lillies reminded me of Monet's garden. 

The pool was lit a gorgeous blue at night! 

From the whitest beaches to the bluest waters, Bora Bora was absolutely gorgeous! 


After five amazing days on Bora Bora, we took a boat and a plane and another boat to our second resort, a private island resort between Taha'a and Bora Bora. In a word, it was incredible!

Did I mention the food was INCREDIBLE?! Fresh fish with a side of French! This was our lunch at the pool one day. That evening we had an incredible dinner of more sashimi and Mahi Mahi. I proclaimed it was my "best food day ever!"

Cocktails served in coconuts and adorned with gardenias - yes please! 

And here's the fire dancer!

Until next time...I'm trying to hold onto island culture a bit. It's absolutely magical.

Cheers to 20 years and many more!!

If you ever have the chance to go to Tahiti - GO!