Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Be Like Kate

I am deeply saddened by the passing of Kate Spade. Her shocking suicide brings up all kinds of questions and makes us see how fragile life truly is. 

I love Kate's classic yet playful style. Her love of color and beauty. I've always aspired to be more like Kate. It's probably why this news hit me so hard.  

Color has always been a huge part of her brand. Huge. On her love of color, she said: "I find color optimistic... and enthusiastic … and I adore it. I do love color!"  She popularized "live colorfully!" which has become my personal mantra. 

For me, it's not about her iconic handbag (I never bought one) but it's more her style sensibility - stripes, dots, bows, colored tights, pearls, leopard, plaid, preppy and playful - that has inspired my own style. 

Bright, bold, strong and beautiful. To me, that is Kate Spade. The person. The brand. They are inextricably connected.  

Instead of "the purse," I prefer Kate Spade accessories, books, notecards and quotes. This coin purse is one of my favs. 

I have this quote on the inspiration board in my office. It's also somewhat of a mantra - or aspiration - for me as well. 

One of my favorite coffee table books is Kate Spade's: Things we Love. I often keep it open to the center spread that screams "HAPPY" in full color.

With so many seemingly "happy" things in her life, it's so hard to understand what led Kate to take her own life. It just goes to show we never know what demons people are fighting especially when they appear to have it all. Perhaps the saddest part of all for me is that she's leaving her 13-year-old daughter to navigate this world without her. Maybe "having it all" isn't the goal after all.... 
Today, I bought this bright and bold bouquet of hot pink peonies and orange poppies at Pike Place market as a tribute to an icon who made an indelible mark on me and so many other women I know. 

And I coined a new mantra "love colorfully!" which I think we could all use right now. 

RIP Kate Spade. Thank you for bringing so much beauty to the world. 

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  1. Amy, you too, like Kate, are a corful example of living and loving corfully. I thought of you on the news of her passing. Beautiful post.