Friday, September 13, 2019

All the Colors of the Season

I don't know what it's like in your neck of the woods right now but we're in a funky in-between-season here in Seattle. While it's officially still "summer," the kids are back to school and busy schedules have resumed...One day (or hour) it's 80 and sunny, and the next we're having a lightening storm (which is very unusual for Seattle but starting to feel like our "new normal." Weird!)  I'm calling it "back to school/soccer/football/hunker down" season! 

I'm very sad to say goodbye to the long, warm days of summer and not quite ready for the long, dark days of fall and winter. So I am trying to savor every moment of sunlight and I hope these colors add a bright spot to your season--whatever you may call it!

Every year the colors and varieties of dahlias planted and maintained by the Puget Sound Dahlia Association at Volunteer Park blow my mind. This year's display was EXTRA-ordinary and each time I visited (at least five times) they seemed to get better and more beautiful. (A volunteer told me they added compost this year which really boosted their growth. I assume the copious amounts of rain we've gotten recently has helped too!) 

This is my annual-ish dahlia post. You can see previous posts here.


From teeny tiny, compact blooms to plate-sized beauties...


I just LOVE watching the bees do their work...


These fun and unusual blooms add an element of whimsy...


Here are the rest of my favorites from this year's display...



I'm obsessed with the color lavender right now... and this one, aptly named "Lavender Perfection" is - in my mind - pretty perfect!

P.S. Happy full moon Friday the 13th!!  

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