Tuesday, April 29, 2014

glassybabys heal

I've often been teased about my obsession with glassybaby, by people who don't "get it." But once you catch the bug, you get it!

This happened with my friend Heather (Scott's wife) recently. During Scott's year-long battle with cancer, my mom, sister and I gave Heather a few glassybabys. Once she started enjoying the warmth and glow from the vibrant colors, she told me she "got it." 

When she visited us in Seattle this past weekend, her number one priority was to get a green glassybaby. We went to the glassybaby studio in Madrona, where the kids loved seeing the glassblowers hard at work, while Heather selected the perfect green glassybaby to add to her collection. She chose "fearless" not only for the perfect lime green color and how it complements her others (see combo above), but for the name. It's perfect for her right now as she navigates through this uncharted territory without Scott by her side.

When we were on Maui in February with Heather and her family, shortly after Scott passed away, we lit an orange Seattle Sunset glassybaby in Scott's honor every night. We even took it back and forth between condos depending on where we were hanging out, so Scott was always with us.

Every morning, I light that same Seattle Sunset glassybaby and focus on it during my meditation. I say a prayer for Scott, Heather and the boys, and I enjoy the dancing flame that somehow seems to keep Scott's presence alive for me. 

Obviously, glassybaby can't heal broken hearts or cure cancer, but they definitely provide hope that helps us keep on going, even when we don't feel like it. I love the below image and quote glassybaby posted on instagram on World Cancer Day.

Thank you, glassybaby, for bringing so much color, love and healing to the world.




  1. I totally agree,Amy! I feel a special comfort and ritual…I light mine every day! Love the inspirational message of each one,I just sent my Mom a trio for her Day! Very special post,thank you!