Monday, July 20, 2015

A Beautiful Day

At the beginning of the summer I bought Sofia a box of Angel Cards and every day she chooses a different word from the box - without looking. It serves as an intention to guide her/our day. She's totally gotten into it - choosing words ranging from "peace" to "courage" to "trust" to "adventure" (the day we left for vacation which was perfect).

Last Thursday she chose "beauty." It ended up setting the tone for a magical and beautiful day - one that memories are made of, one we didn't want to end.

We set out on a walk from our house to our favorite neighborhood restaurant, Volunteer Park Café, on Capitol Hill. Sofia loves their chicken noodle matzo ball soup and I had a delicious - and beautiful - quinoa tabouleh salad.


Then we headed further up the hill to Volunteer Park - Sofia played a bit and then we cooled off in the wading pool before hitting the Conservatory where we oohed and aahed at the beautiful flowers - Sofia exclaiming excitedly "Take a picture of that!"

Then we walked over to the Seattle Asian Art Museum at Volunteer Park where we enjoyed fabulous, inspiring and beautiful art. Chiho Aoshima: Rebirth of the World exhibit was especially interesting and very colorful.

Then up to the top of the water tower we walked - where we enjoyed views of our beautiful Emerald City.

Our final stop before heading home was a walk through the dahlia gardens. I can't believe they are already starting to bloom.

We are so lucky to  live in the city surrounded by beautiful parks. Can you believe this picture was taken about a half-mile from our house in Interlaken Park, yet you feel like you're a world away!

Our beautiful day ended with a visit to the Paint Lab, a fabulous boutique paint shop, where we went in search of inspiration for a color project Sofia's been asked to do for my color guru, Leatrice Eiseman's, blog. More on that later!

Today I am back at work and longing for an endless summer day with my girl. What memories are you making this summer?

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  1. You and Sofia created magic guided by your angels, love it. Beautiful sharing.