Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Color Your Way to Calm

I loved the headline of a story I read in the paper on Sunday so much that I borrowed it for my blog title. When I went looking for the article online, they'd changed the title, which I don't think is as catchy. But I think the topic is fun and timely considering we had friends over for a mother-daughter date on Friday afternoon to play with color. We pulled out all of our art supplies and my friend Lisa immediately gravitated to a wonderful coloring book that my father-in-law (one of my biggest blog fans!) had recently given Sofia.

The Secret Garden coloring book was featured in the article I read about the calming benefits of coloring. It's not just child's play any more. Adult coloring books are gaining in popularity and are actually quiet trendy right now (as the title of the online version of the story indicates.)

Lisa chose this beautiful peacock picture to color along with a fabulous color palette. As soon as she put pen to paper she said to me "This is so relaxing."

I started out painting simple swirls in a calming color palette inspired by the hydrangeas in my garden - photo above. Like Lisa, I immediately felt relaxed. Then I colored a page in Sofia's coloring book - with fun, bright colors. The author of the article suggests just using a few colors - so you don't have the "stress" of deciding which colors to use - for an even more calming effect. I think I will try that next time.
Here's another adult coloring book that's mentioned in the article. I think I might have to order it so I have my own coloring book! I think I'm becoming crazed about this great new trend!

The girls collaborated on an art project as well - selecting and mixing colors and then pressing flowers from our garden onto paper. So sweet!

Here are a few more adult coloring books that another article I found recommends.

  • "Art Nouveau Postcard Colouring Book"
  • "Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest and Colouring Book"
  • "Hemingwasted Coloring Book: A Loving Look at Literary Lushes"
  • "Mexican Patterns to Color"

The great thing about coloring books is you don't have to be a "real artist" to create a beautiful piece of art. And the calming benefits can't be understated.

So put your phone and other distractions aside and grab a coloring book and your favorite pens, crayons or colored pencils and you'll be transported away from your day-to-day responsibilities and stresses. It's pretty great!

When was the last time you colored?

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