Friday, May 23, 2014

A Very Colorful Birthday!

Wow, Sofia is turning 7 on Monday and I'm finally posting about her very colorful 6th birthday party. Better late than never, right? My main reason for posting it is that I want to share our "recipe" for a colorful birthday party in case you ever decide to throw one. Hopefully this will save you time and give you some good ideas.
Sofia definitely got the party planning gene from me. She started "concepting" about 5 months before the party. One of the first things we did was start a Pinterest board to keep track of our ideas in one place.  
I ordered these adorable invitations on Etsy. They set the tone for the rest of the party planning. The girls were asked to wear their favorite color of the rainbow to the party.
We decked out our house in all colors of the rainbow.




As each girl arrived, they received a personalized bracelet.
Then they stepped into the "photo booth" for fun and tiny Polaroid photos, which they got to take home. We turned our mantel into a backdrop for the photo booth and we had props for the girls to pose with.

Color Wheel Art Project
I led a fun, colorful and educational art project. Each girl had their own canvas to paint a color wheel flower on. 

It was fun to see how different each piece turned out. True artists.

We had multi-colored aprons that the girls wore during the party and took home. 

Rainbow Piñata
Next the girls headed outside to bash the rainbow piñata - always a party favorite!

Color Wheel Cake and Food
This cake was really fun to make thanks to this helpful blog. It required a special pan and mixing colors but overall it was pretty easy.

More fun!
The party continued with a dance party and gifts!
Thank you!
The theme continued even after the party!
For even more color party ideas, check out our Pinterest board.
For her 7th birthday, Sofia had a Disco Bowling Party, which was a blast but a lot less work!!
Happy weekend friends.

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