Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Golden Daffodils

"The sweet o' the year, when daffodils begin to peer."
I'm afraid we're towards the end of daffodil season, but I have thoroughly enjoyed several varieties in my house this year, especially these ones with orange centers, on my kitchen counter and scattered around my house. 

And as a birthday present for a friend tucked in a sweet Little Shirley vase...

The only good thing about daffodil season coming to an end, is that means their rainbow-colored siblings, otherwise known as tulips, are starting to bloom. Next week during Spring Break, Sofia and I are excited to go and tromp through the colorful tulip fields in Mt. Vernon.
In Grace Notes, Alexandra Stoddard reminds us:
 "Spring and daffodils gently urge us to love life
and appreciate its mysteries."
So true! I'm totally loving life right now! I hope you are too!

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