Friday, April 11, 2014

Just Because


"Just because" gifts are simply the best! I came home last night after a lovely dinner out with girlfriends (work colleagues from my first job who I have kept in touch with for 20+ years!) to a very excited 6-year-old who was too giddy with excitement to go to sleep. She was excited because she and Geoff got me a "just because" gift and she couldn't wait to give it to me. She got out of bed and pulled this fabulous red box out from under her desk, and I couldn't wait to open it. For anything from Jonathan Adler is sure to delight. And delight it did.

Sofia specially selected each of these Pop Highball Glasses. They remind me of glassybaby, of course, and they are such practical, yet whimsical, water glasses. Not only do I appreciate Geoff and Sofia's thoughtfulness immensely, but I just loved seeing how much Sofia delighted in giving.

My mom always told me "It's better to give than receive." I didn't fully appreciate that concept until I was an adult. Maybe Sofia is "getting it" sooner than I did. I sure hope so. For there's nothing so delightful as giving something you know will make someone so happy. And what better reason than "just because...."

Happy weekend friends. Hope it's colorful and delightful.




  1. I love the idea of "Just Because Gifts". Very cute story! New Follower.

    1. Thanks for your note Jody. Welcome to What Feeds My Soul!!