Thursday, April 4, 2013

Nature's "It Color" for Spring

Sometimes a simple bloom or color can inspire a blog post. That is what happened today with this sweet-smelling pink hyacinth bloom that I placed in a re-used soap bottle after it drooped over in its pot outside.

Our wonderful gardener and friend Dan (aka Dan the Man!) gave Sofia this darling pot of hyacinths for Valentine's Day. They were just mystery bulbs in dirt back in February. But by Easter they were in full pink bloom! How perfect!
I looked up hyacinths in The Meaning of Flowers and it says: "The Koran praises the hyacinth. If you have just two loaves left ... sell one and buy hyacinths, 'to feed the soul.'" Again, how perfect!
When I was on my walk this morning, I noticed pink everywhere in our neighborhood. So I've dubbed pink nature's "it color" for spring!

One of my favorite quotes from my "color guru" Leatrice Eiseman is "nature doesn't lie" when it comes to color combinations. Look at this hot pink and yellow primrose - so pretty. I never would have thought to put these colors together... But Sofia did! She wore hot pink patent leather ballet flats with a light yellow dress on Easter.

Again, hot pink and yellow in this beautiful camellia in my frontyard.

In my backyard, the bleeding hearts are always one of the first to bloom. This combo of hot pink and chartreuse is perfect too!
But the sweetest of all is daphne! The lightest pink of the bunch but definitely the most fragrant.

And last but not least, the first pink blossoms we see each spring in Seattle are cherry blossoms!

And next month the rhodies and azaleas will be in bloom. I can't wait!
Guess what? I am wearing pink today, with gray and orange. I'm not sure if that combo exists in nature, but it works for me!
How do you feel about pink? Light pink? Dark pink? No pink?!

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