Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gardens with a View

I have wanted to visit Tacoma's Lakewold Gardens in the spring for a couple of years but I have never made it down there, until today. I had the perfect excuse. My friend and client, Ruthann of Drees, and her supremely talented husband, David, of David Goularte Bettencourt Goularte Interior Design, furnished and styled the master bedroom at the Designer Showhouse at Lakewold Gardens. Each room of the historic Wagner House was decorated by a different designer. My favorite, of course, was Ruthann and David's room! It is a large corner room decorated in soft hues that immediately put me at ease and made me want to stay for awhile!

I was disappointed that Lakewold Gardens does not allow pictures to be taken inside the showhouse. So after I strolled through the large home a couple of times to make sure I didn't miss any details, I wandered out into the garden, where cameras are allowed and encouraged! So instead of sharing beautiful furnishings and interior touches with you, I'd like to share some treats and views I found in the garden. 

Isn't this a fabulous picnic table?

There weren't as many flowers in bloom as I expected but I did capture a few blooms.

I love the architecture of the Tea House. It is framed by Mt. Fuji Cherry Trees.

I found this lady extremely charming and welcoming!

This quatrefoil (or clover-shaped) gazing pool is beautiful.

I would love to enjoy afternoon tea with a friend in this spot! Wouldn't you?

I have a thing for garden pagodas - and I spotted a couple at Lakewold.

And the charm of a lion's head on a large garden pot always gets me!

And last but not least, the peekaboo view of tiny Gravelly Lake, considered the "heart of the South Sound's Lake District." How charming! Who knew?!  

Whether you make it to the Designer Showhouse, which runs until April 21st, or not, Lakewold Gardens is definitely worth seeing! And if you or someone you know is planning a wedding, I think Lakewold Gardens would be the perfect spot!

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