Monday, July 30, 2012

Fiesta with Friends

On Saturday night we had friends over for a little fiesta. It has been a while since we have entertained and it was fun to make some old favorite recipes from scratch (three if you count Geoff's amazing margaritas). And the weather was finally nice enough to dine al fresco, which was a treat.

I made Geoff's Aunt Jonnie Kae's "famous" chicken enchiladas...

And I can't stop thinking about the Texas Ceasar Salad, an old favorite from our dinner club.

We had a lovely evening with good friends and great food...

That ended with our friend Mark extracting Sofia's tooth with a piece of floss, an oldie but goodie!

Happy Monday friends! Do you wish it was still the weekend? I'd like to bring back the sun for sure!

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  1. Your colorful blog is inspiring. Thanks for the inspiration.