Thursday, January 12, 2012

Living Colorfully

 Kate Spade photo

I have to say I was a bit disappointed this morning when I saw Kate Spade's Facebook post that they are abandoning their year of color theme and moving onto stripes. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE stripes, and I’m sure Kate’s will be colorful, but I really enjoyed how they approached and elevated color last year. If you missed it, their color blog is a lot of fun.

 Kate Spade photo
Fortunately my mom gave me Kate's The Guide to Living Colorfully book for Christmas. It is a collection of six little books, each dedicated to a different facet of a well-lived life. According to Kate Spade creative director, Deborah Lloyd, "in the pages of dress, celebrate, charm, decorate, travel and think, we've compiled our tips on topics like demystifying the dress code, hosting a theme party (one of my favorite things!), determining how much to spend on a wedding present and deciding how to set up house in an apartment." I have some thoughts and ideas on these topics too that I will be sharing with you in my next few posts.

Today, I’m starting with “dress” because it’s fun and the colors that are coming out for spring from Tory Burch, J. Crew and yes, Kate Spade, are so vibrant and fresh!
In my in-box this morning, I received this fabulous email from Tory Burch touting colored denim as the bright new basic. I’m glad I can get another season out of my orange jeans.

Tory Burch photo

Now I have my eye on J. Crew’s green jeans. Have you seen them? Wow! This picture doesn't do them justice.

J. Crew photo

Speaking of J. Crew, have you seen their new catalog? It is complete eye candy and so colorful. The cover is covered (literally) with ballet flats in a variety of colors.

J. Crew photo

I am in love with this trench coat from J. Crew, in “modern red” of course! It's the perfect pop of color for a gray, rainy Seattle day.

 J. Crew photo

And I’ve decided a red dress is a must-have, even more than a LBD. I bought a red dress for my birthday party recently and have gotten so much wear out of it. I accessorize it differently each time and it feels like a different dress every time I wear it.

 Kate Spade photo

I leave you with this quote from the end of Kate Spade's Dress Colorfully book.  

Kate Spade photo

Until next time, live colorfully!

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