Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fleurs Rose

This is the sixth in a series of “pink” posts*. It has been a busy week. But this is a topic I have been looking forward to all week - pink flowers!

I went for an invigorating walk today through the Washington Park Arboretum near my house. Buds on the trees, crocuses in bloom, daffodil bulbs springing up from the flower beds, and the intoxicating smell of Daphne.  Aah, the first signs of Spring. My favorite season. I even saw a pink rhodi in full bloom today. Really?

The sun was out and Spring is definitely in the air -  the chill of winter is too!! Thirty-eight days and counting til Spring. And four days until Valentine's Day. Are you ready? I still need to get over to the Village to buy heart boxers and dark chocolate for my husband. I get this for him every year - he has quite the collection of romantic boxers! As for me, not surprisingly, I love to receive flowers and a glassybaby for Valentine's Day (hint, hint honey!). Often Geoff picks up several bunches of my favorite flowers -  gerberas, lilies and tulips - and puts them in different vases that he scatters around the house. He knows I don't want the standard roses and chocolate (not that there is anything wrong with them) but I have my preferences and he knows them!!

Here I share some of my favorite fleurs rose. Enjoy!

My talented sister Jill, owner of Starflower, created this gorgeous bridal bouquet which was featured in Portland Bride and Groom magazine.

I don't usually prefer carnations but this sweet bouquet of hot pink baby carnations is darling in Sofia's room. When I was young my mom filled this very same mug with carnations. It's fun to recreate it for Sofia. Carnations are pretty, inexpensive, they smell good, are easy to arrange and they last forever. Just don't add baby's breath. Hah!

 In my mind, peonies are just perfect. So sweet and fragrant. Can't you just smell them?!

 This was the centerpiece at a tea party a friend hosted recently. The soft pink gerberas are just lovely in the jane's caramel glassybaby.

And pink Stargazer Lilies - love them!

I even motivated this week to plant hot pink and orange primroses in my pots.

What do you want for Valentine's Day?

Hugs and kisses!

*See my Feb. 3 “Smooch” post for background.

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