Monday, January 17, 2011

Beyond Honored

Hi friends. Happy Monday! How was your weekend? On Friday, glassybaby featured my blog on their blog and, as a result, I was pretty much riding high in the clouds all weekend. It is the biggest compliment and I am beyond honored.
I spent some time yesterday taking pictures of my glassybaby collection with my new camera and I wanted to share some shots with you. I also wanted to share my glassybaby story, since not everyone understands my infatuation with these gorgeous little vessels (although a few kindred spirits can totally relate). So for the record, here is my glassybaby story!

I have been obsessed with glassybaby since the very first time I saw them at Cafe Lago (a favorite Italian restaurant in my neighborhood) many years ago. The late, great Gretchen Mathers – renowned caterer and local businesswoman who the glassybaby color Seattle Sunset (above, right) is in honor of - was a relative of mine through marriage and she gave me my first two glassybaby (above, left two), which started my collection. I think of her amazing spirit, success and stature (over 6-feet) every time I light them.
When I left Starbucks and started thinking about what kind of company I wanted to work for, I kept coming back to glassybaby as the company that embodies the things I care about: beautiful, colorful, decorative products; high-quality, affordable gifts; woman-owned with products geared mostly towards women; artistic and creative; community-oriented; local; small (and growing); great story, etc, etc. It just gets my juices flowing in so many ways!!  
I currently have 21 glassybaby – a modest amount compared to some collectors I know, but every single one has special significance to me and I like to have them all out all the time. My husband has given me many of them. Two years ago for our anniversary, he gave me four in the colors from our wedding.  So thoughtful.  I have received them as hostess gifts, birthday gifts and Christmas gifts.  My mom even gave Sofia one – pink, of course – when she was a baby. I love to give them too. And I think they are the perfect Seattle souvenir for out-of-towners. I have them all over my house, in the living room, dining room, kitchen and bathrooms. They are the perfect gift, because, as glassybaby’s tagline states: “flowers wilt, chocolates melt, glassybaby forever.”
I love glassybaby almost as much as I love fresh flowers. I often cut flowers down and display them in my glassybaby. Like flowers, glassybaby can lift my mood, and bring hope and light to my life, especially on a gray day in Seattle. And, if you haven’t noticed, the colors are STUNNING! I got to go “behind the scenes” at glassybaby’s Madrona shop last week and saw all of the freshly-made (by hand) glassybaby displayed on racks. It was truly a feast for my eyes.  

I change the colors on my mantel seasonally. Right now I'm in a green-blue phase.

Two of my favorite things - gerberas and glassybaby - displayed in my master bathroom.

And even on my front porch, with a huge heart wreath my sister made me
for my birthday.

I was at a friend’s house last week and found my next color – luxury (above, right), and after that, maybe cashmere.

Thanks for indulging my glassybaby obsession once again.

What is your glassybaby story?

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  1. You got me my first glassybaby as a wedding gift! The start of my collection and many happy years of marriage:)