Monday, November 29, 2010

Pretty Packages.

I love pretty packages. Just like cards, I love to make them, give them and receive them. I received many pretty packages recently for my birthday. Even my husband appreciates my love of pretty packages and he always wraps them so beautifully for me.

This is the time of year when packages start to arrive on my porch ~  from near and far. Today, an early, early morning visitor deposited a beautiful package on my porch. It is so beautiful that I photographed it (above) and I left it on my counter to admire for a couple of hours before I opened it. When I finally couldn't wait any longer, I carefully removed the beautiful packaging to discover an equally beautiful birthday gift from a dear friend. The orange letter-pressed card atop the package is gorgeous too!

I love dropping off packages at friends' houses during the holidays and throughout the year. Some people don't appreciate the uninvited visitor at their door, but I love the surprise of finding something unexpected on my porch. It adds to the mystery and beauty of sharing ourselves with others, in ways big and small, expected and unexpected. Whether it's a birthday gift, flowers, a magazine clipping that reminds you of that person, or Christmas cookies packaged up with a red bow, it is a joy to give and receive pretty packages all year long.

From my porch to yours, happiest holidays!

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  1. Oh, how fun! Amy, do you have the Carolyne Rhoem Presentations book? Seems perfect for you. I agree that sometimes the packaging is the best part!

  2. Jeanne, Oooh, I don't have that book but I just looked it up online and I think I need it!!

  3. Nothing like a beautifully wrapped gift...