Friday, February 26, 2016

The Home Spa 2

Photo: The Paper Doll Post

My good friend Julie recently launched her blog, The Paper Doll Post, and I am loving it! She describes her blog like this: "This blog is for every woman looking for ways to keep her life fresh, productive and exciting. Let’s face it, day-to-day life is just that and you might be surprised how “trying on” a new habit, idea, quote or product can give you a little boost."

I especially loved her post today, The Home Spa. After I read it I made a pitcher of cucumber water (so easy!) and found a "Spa" station on Pandora - two of her great ideas. I'm going to get some eucalyptus oil so I can make the chilled eucalyptus towels she describes in her post. Can't wait!

I also thought of a few other easy ways to create a spa at home that I wanted to share.

1. Aveda tea
Everything from Aveda makes me feel relaxed, but their Comfort tea is an absolute fav. My favorite spa in Seattle, Habitude, serves Aveda tea and it's just, well, comforting.

2. Spa robe
Every time I put on this fabulous robe I'm instantly transported to a spa or hotel. I love it! And it's so feminine and pretty in pink.

3. Spa sandals
Get yourself a pair of these spa sandals!

4. Nuts and cranberries
Make yourself a little bowl of raw almonds and walnuts and cranberries for a healthy spa treat.

5. Sauna
Finally, this is a biggie! But it's amazing. We recently built a real Finnish sauna in our basement and it has changed my life! The heat, the sweat, the no-electronics zone. It's so nourishing and good for my body and soul.

How do you "spa" at home?

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