Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spring is in the Air

Spring - my favorite season - is in the air! The daffodils are blooming. The fragrance of daphne is intoxicating. The cherry blossoms are starting to sprout. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. The days are getting longer. This makes me happy!

But we are still in that funny in-between time. I had to chuckle at the juxtaposition of my gloves with the flowers in the photos above and below  Yes, the mornings and evenings are still cold. But the flowers are getting the sun they need to show their colors!

This morning on our walk to school, we picked up a tiny cherry blossom branch that had fallen on the ground. I gave it to Sofia for her desk. There were three blooms on it. She said she would keep one for herself and give one to a friend. Before she ran into her classroom, she turned around and gave me the tiny one above, which I carried with me on my walk.

These cheery primroses greet me when I come and go from our house and they make me smile every time. And I still have the heart wreath on our front door!

A friend of mine shared this in an email this week, which pretty much sums up spring for me.

"Spring is in my heart. New life is popping up everywhere ... I don't need to wait for a date on the calendar to tell me it's spring. I feel it and I am excited."

I'm excited too. Are you?



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