Monday, August 12, 2013

Savoring Summer Celebrations!

After shipping Sofia off to various camps the last few weeks so I could focus on Obliteride, I wanted to enjoy a fun, unscripted morning with her today, before she headed off to gymnastics camp for the afternoon. Geoff reminded me on his way out the door to "go with the flow" and enjoy the morning. Enjoy we did! 
Sofia woke up rested and happy after a big weekend, which was nice. I never know what I'm going to get! After saying good morning, she exclaimed "Today is Sharky's 4th birthday." Sharky is her adorable, child-sized stuffed great white shark that she sleeps with, among many other "pets!" I made her day when I asked her if she wanted to have a birthday party for Sharky. She's like me, she loves any excuse to celebrate! 

We decided to make pancakes, which are a big treat in our house. She requested extra special heart-shaped pancakes that we colored red, orange and Tahoe turquoise! She dressed Sharky up in a rainbow-colored tunic, and the three of us donned party hats. And we made Sharky a giant birthday card. We even sang Happy Birthday to Sharky! Oh yes we did. Cha cha cha!! 

I'm relishing these moments and also trying to catch my breath and savor summer. I hope to share some highlights from Obliteride weekend soon. 

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