Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Life of a Peony

My sweet husband gave me a gorgeous bouquet of peonies last Saturday. They started out as dark salmony pink tight blooms. Two days later they had completely opened up.

And then they began "the change." Each morning when I came downstairs to start my day, I was excited to see how much they had changed over night. Bigger and lighter each day until the petals began to fall. I had fun capturing the fleeting life of a peony on instagram - and I wanted to share this beautiful transformation with you. Sofia calls them "magic flowers." You probably will hardly believe they're the same blooms. 

The life of a peony is actually quite short - but I am so grateful for the fleeting beauty they bring to our lives and our gardens at this time of year. I just bought another bunch yesterday. I can't get enough of these gorgeous blooms. 

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