Friday, May 31, 2013

Crushing on glassybaby

How cool is it that I get to work on an amazing project with the signature color orange, its mission is to obliterate cancer, and they just launched a partnership with glassybaby? Lucky me!!

As you likely know, I have had a huge crush on glassybaby for a long time! Now I have a gigantic crush! Yesterday we announced that glassybaby has created a new color called 'crush' for Obliteride. And guess what? It's a beautiful, vivid orange! 

glassybaby is donating 10% of each 'crush' purchase between now and the end of August to Obliteride to fund the insanely-amazing cancer research at Fred Hutch. My first glassybaby was given to me by Gretchen Mathers, a Seattle culinary icon and business leader, friend of glassybaby founder Lee Rhodes, and an amazing woman who I was related to through marriage. Again - lucky me. Gretchen was truly amazing. She lost her battle with cancer six years ago. She is dearly missed. I still think of Gret when I light an orange Seattle Sunset glassybaby. They are powerful little vessels of hope, I tell you!

Anyway, I stopped by the glassybaby shop at University Village yesterday to see 'crush' up close and to snap a few pictures. Isn't it a gorgeous color? Enjoy!

Now for the shameless plug!

Please join the community to 'crush" cancer. Purchase 'crush" online or at a glassybaby retail shop in Seattle or Bellevue.

Thank you friends and thank you glassybaby for bringing more light, warmth and hope to the world!


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