Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Paris in Color

My Paris in Color post yesterday inspired me to look through the pictures from our two visits to Paris. While my photos and presentation aren't nearly as eloquent as the ones in Paris in Color, I wanted to share my version with you. I found they tended to fall into four categories: doors, flowers, cars and art ... some of my favorite things! I threw in a few miscellaneous ones, too, that made our trips unforgettable. Enjoy!

On our second visit, we took Sofia at just 16 months old, and stayed in a charming apartment in the wonderful and quirky Montmarte neighborhood. 

Home to the famed Moulin Rouge which literally means "red mill." So, not coincidentally there was a lot of red in Montmarte. 


 And some green...

The natural beauty in Paris is are everywhere!

They even put flower boxes on the rooftops? So charming...


On our first visit in 2003, we were there during Bastille Day, which was a huge treat, and very colorful.  The colors of the French flag covered the bleachers.

Bastille Day fireworks at midnight - that is the Eiffel Tower lit up on the left. 

And the cars, aah, the funny and colorful cars.

Look at all those tickets - and the "boot." Classic!


Geoff's shirt matched this tiny Fiat perfectly!

I'm not sure what this little mint green number is but it's pretty cute!

Seeing Monet's famous water lilies at the Musée de l'Orangerie was very exciting for me. 

And this ceiling in the Paris Opera House is one of my favorites. 

Seeing Degas' ballerinas in person was such a treat!

If I could, I would have packed up this beautiful lavender love seat from the Paris flea market and shipped it home. Isn't she darling?

Isn't this giant indigo hat fabulous?

I leave you with a few artsy shots of Paris at her best....

Even the street signs are colorful, and well, charming....

Thanks for coming along. Next up, Provence in Color. Ooh la la!!

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