Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hints of Spring

In last week's post, I hinted at my Spring wreath. I am happy to say it went up yesterday and I can't wait for Spring -- just two weeks away. Yes, I'm counting and yes, I'm having a celebration to mark my favorite season. In addition, I bought daffodils for my kitchen counter this past weekend and I'm starting to transition my wardrobe - more color (if that's possible) and fewer layers! I love the buds on the trees, the sweet smell of Daphne wafting through the air, Winter pansies coming out of hibernation and longer days.

I have to share a little back story on this wreath.... My best friend from childhood, Lara, and I made a different heart wreath each February for about eight or so years. We haven't done it for the last few years. But I saved most of them, except the ones that were perishable (think Martha Stewart-esque cranberry covered wreath - those were a labor of love!). We got smart and starting making re-usable wreaths. So environmentally friendly of us, yes?! Anyway, Lara and I made this daisy wreath in 2003. It's held up quite well over 10 years. Yesterday, I pulled this little darling out of my attic, added a new ribbon and voila, my Spring wreath greets everyone who visits our home. And hopefully brings a smile to their face!

I hope Lara doesn't kill me for sharing this cheesy picture but it brings back such great memories of our wreath-making days. Maybe we will bring back this tradition next year. It truly was a great one!

What is your favorite thing about Spring?

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