Thursday, February 28, 2013

I ♥ Wreaths

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As February draws to a close, I want to share some of my favorite hearth wreaths I have seen on doors in my neighborhood and on the Internet. I have a wreath on my front door year-round. It is such a welcoming pop of color, and so much more inviting than an unadorned door, wouldn't you agree?

Capitol Hill House
Montlake House

Montlake House Close-Up

Montlake House

Next year I think I will make this wreath out of paint chips.


I love the simplicity of this one made with rosemary. This could be used year-round.

Now this is fun - a sequined heart!

And this one adorned with vintage Christmas ornaments - too cute!

This one is just so sweet!

Better Homes & Gardens

I leave you with another look at my heart wreaths. I ♥ them so much I have one on my front door....

And one on the bench on my front porch!

Check back in March for a peak at my Spring wreath. Here's a hint!

I can't wait for Spring! Twenty one days and counting!!

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