Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Sweet Smell of Spring

I love spring in Seattle... it is my favorite season of the year. One of the benefits of being gone for two weeks of "April showers" is we returned to spring in full bloom including our neighbor's huge lilac bush. I wrote a post about lilacs last year in mid-May... the lilac season is usually pretty short so it seems that spring came a bit early this year, which is OK with me. 

I also love birthdays and flowers so when I arranged this little bouquet of lilacs and delivered it to a friend for her birthday this morning it made me so happy. 

I picked a bunch for my kitchen table too. When I returned home a couple hours later the sweet smell of spring filled my house.... it is intoxicating. 

According to the sweet book The Meaning of Flowers, "The people of the English countryside considered lilacs the quintessential bloom of May, embodying the all-too-brief perfection of spring. For this reason, the Victorians identified lilac with the first emotion of love."

I can see why lilacs have such a strong impact on me each year. Do you love spring and lilacs too? They are beautiful and fleeting, just like life itself.

Happy spring friends!


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  1. Welcome back! I was surprised to see the lilacs blooming, too. They do seem to be early, but I'm not complaining. My grandmother had hedgerow after hedgerow of lilacs at her home. She'd always bring me a bouquet of the late bloomers for my birthday, so to me they are the birthday flower and one of my favorite scents. Breathing them in while they last! XO