Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pure Joy on Two Wheels

This morning I hit the trail. Literally. I dug out my super cool Volvo/Cannondale mountain bike racing team jersey and black spandex biking shorts (yes, they still fit, phew!) and finally went for the bike ride I have been meaning to do all summer. I am not sure why I put it off so long... but as soon as I got up to speed and felt the wind against my face, I felt great.

When my mind started to wonder, I ratcheted the gears down and focused on each spin of the pedals. I was reminded of why biking was once my sport of choice. I felt healthy, happy and invigorated. I was also reminded of why my cousin who just recovered from a critical bike/car accident is back on the saddle again. And why my husband feels so good after riding his cool new bike home from work on a sunny summer day. I regret that I only went on one short ride while we were in Tahoe, but that’s what next year is for. Right?!

The sights, sounds and smells when you are on a bike are so different and much more intense: up close and personal views of beautiful houseboats along the Fremont Canal. Seaplanes so close I could almost touch them. Heavy industry purring away near Fremont. Beer brewing at Hale’s. Crew shells gliding by. New students and parents orienting themselves on the UW campus. The gorgeous view of the city from atop the hill at Gasworks Park. And best of all, lots of happy, healthy, smiling people on the trail.

I still don't understand the obsession with the Tour de France, and I don't know if I ever will, but I do know that cycling is back up on top of my list of favorite things.

I know it sounds cliché in an eco conscious town like Seattle, but get out of your car and hit the trail as soon as you can. It's pure joy on two wheels!

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