Friday, May 20, 2011

Amazing Women No. 3: Glacier Kingsford-Smith

Glacier Kingsford-Smith
Boutique owner, fashionista, mother
Hood River, OR

Glacier and I met during sorority rush at University of Washington almost 20 years ago. (How can that be?!) We were both sophomores and we pledged the same house. We both hail from small towns – she’s from Ellensburg and I’m from Olympia! We wore our “Nordstrom best” for rush and we still laugh about Glacier’s light pink suit! We’ve come a long way since then, especially Glacier, when it comes to fashion. Nine years ago she and her fabulous husband (one of my husband’s BFFs) moved to the awesome town of Hood River, Oregon, in the beautiful Columbia Gorge. Long known for windsurfing and other extreme sports, Glacier was determined to bring high fashion to this neck of the woods, which sits 60 miles east of Portland. In 2002, she opened Plenty, a fabulous clothing and cosmetics boutique.  I could go on and on about Glacier and Plenty, but first I want to share her spring style and color insights with you. She sent this to me in an email earlier this week (red font and all!) and I actually felt a little emotional after reading it because she is so talented and has really found her voice around fashion. Maybe a blog is next for her?

Q. What is your favorite color combination for spring and why?
A. I love the very modern use of reds, fuchsias, and spice colors with blush and nudes.  These two together are so unexpected, modern, and very wearable for the northwest.  We like our neutrals here, and when you pair a blush/nude top, with something bright red on the bottom, and throw in some medium brown shoes or accessories, you have a really modern, beautiful look.

Q. I am seeing bright orange red lips everywhere this season? What is your favorite color and brand?
A. Smashbox has a fantastic stain with color seal balm attached to it. The color is called Guava.  It has all the color you need without being thick, obnoxious pigment.  It is non-drying and comfortable to wear too.

Q. Where do you look for fashion and color inspiration?
A. The natural beauty of the Columbia Gorge, where I live, is constant inspiration. Additionally, every time I travel and see new perspectives on living I get lots of ideas.  And of course through the copious amount of blogs/publications I read on art, design, and fashion.

Q. What is your favorite trend for spring and why?
A. The African/Tribal trend (with a touch on Native American) is really what I love right now.  The world is smaller and smaller every day.  We get to reflect this in the way we dress by using ideas from these different cultures.  The color, print, and perspective of these cultures is something fresh (and needed!) in America right now.

Q. Who are your favorite designers this season and why?
A. Oh, this is a hard one!  Transit par Such (amazing fit and design - always), Suno (the reflection of Africa, as we talked about above), Joie (for really affordable fresh looks), Mike Gonzolez (modern ways of doing great pieces), and Thierry Lazry Sunglasses (for the coolest girl in the room).

Q. What one item of color is a must have for spring?
A. I'm going to go with red.  Partially because it is going to be big into fall 2011 as well, and because women can use it in so many ways.  It can be:  a red lipstick, a red handbag, red denim, etc.  There are many shades and variations so everyone should be able to find something in the color that suits them.  (For myself personally though:  acid yellow is high on my list!)

Q. Do you have anything else to add?
A. Don't be afraid to take some chances ladies!  We only live once, and we will never be younger than today.  Look for your inspiration reflect it in how you dress . . . it will enrich your life AND everyone who sees you around town and on the street.

More about Plenty
Just as the Gorge is a one-of-a-kind place, so is Plenty. Opened in 2002 by Glacier Kingsford-Smith in Hood River, OR, Plenty has always been a special spot for women offering outstanding high-quality clothing and gorgeous beauty products, with a commitment to ethical/sustainable production. Women visit Plenty year after year to be inspired by their beautiful retail store (on the main street in downtown Hood River- you can’t miss it!) and their exceptional service and styling. Of course women come for the product too: everything is chosen with great care by passionate people. It’s truly a special experience.

Here’s to Glacier for being a fabulous friend all these years and for finding your fashion voice! I love you girlfriend!

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  1. Glacier is the best! Thanks for writing this about her. I have known her since we were little catholic girls in Ellensburg. I wish she lived closer. ~Heather Couture

  2. amy, so generous in your writing. of course, i'm just a bit biased, but that glacier woman rocks! fun stuff, and it's true: she's fabulous...