Thursday, April 14, 2011

Glove Box Greetings

Hello friends, today I am unofficially launching a new product line called Glove Box Greetings in honor of my dear friend Sienna's birthday. As I mentioned in my very first blog post, I love making and giving gifts. I also love nurturing my friendships. That is why for the last ten years my college friends Erika and Sienna and I have celebrated our birthdays together. It started out as dinners (pre kids) and now we enjoy ladies lunches at the birthday girl's restaurant of choice. 

Sienna (right) chose Cactus in Madison Park for today's fete!

For several years I have enjoyed making cards and gift tags and packaging them up for my friends’ birthdays.  A couple of years ago I gave my friend Lara Lyons a package of gift tags for her birthday. Just recently she told me how much she loves them and that she keeps them in her glove box and attaches them to gifts when she’s on-the go: flowers, a bottle of wine, a birthday gift, a meal for a friend, just about anything! Thus the idea for Glove Box Greetings was born and I was so excited to make the prototype in colors that I knew Sienna would love. After all, her mother, an artist, named her after the deep red color sienna. I am calling this first palette Sienna Blue in her honor.

So, what are Glove Box Greetings? They are a collection of assorted handmade gift tags that are hand-calligraphed (yes, by me!) with a variety of greetings for different occasions. Each set includes coordinating ribbon (I chose gunmetal grey grosgrain for Sienna) and a pen. It also includes Glove Box Notes for when you’re driving in the car and you need to jot something down. Doesn’t it seem like you never have a piece of paper and a pen handy?  I also had a stamp made for Sienna with the pagoda icon from the logo for her interior design business and included a sienna-colored ink pad. I can envision several other color palettes named after friends and colors, as well as more customization options including monograms and other motifs with birds, butterflies, flowers... really, the options are endless. So if you’re on my birthday list, don’t be surprised if you receive Glove Box Greetings from me this year!

Happy Birthday Sienna Lynne, and thanks Lara for the inspiration! Here's to girlfriends. You're the best!


  1. I love this idea Amy! You're such an inspiration!!!

  2. Amy! I'm thrilled you are doing this. Amazing. Congratulations friend!

  3. Wow, that is really fabulous. I am always digging around for something to leave on a doorstep or bring last minute. What a great idea!

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