Friday, April 28, 2017

Practice Aloha


Aloha friends!

We were in Maui for spring break a couple of weeks ago and it was AMAZING! The sun, surf and family time were good for my soul.

My favorite souvenir I brought back with me is the principle of Aloha.

Who knew Aloha had such a deep meaning? It's such a common greeting in Hawaii. I wasn't sure if it meant hello, goodbye or thank you.

As it turns out, Aloha is a deeply spiritual principle that conveys the deepest expression of one's relationship with oneself, the creative and life-giving forces, one's family and community, and with one's friends and strangers.

The principles of Aloha are things I strive to nurture and practice in my own life. They can only make me a better person, and society in general could certainly benefit from Practicing Aloha. 

I'm a visual person so putting the principles of Aloha into pictures helps me remember them. I hope these inspire you to Practice Aloha too!






Few sports require the patience, harmony and perseverance that surfing does. No wonder surfing is the national sport of Hawaii.

Cheers and happy Friday friends.

Go get some Aloha!



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