Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tears of Joy


Man, this parenting gig is a roller coaster.

I finally see what parents who have come before me mean when they say "it flies by."

Sofia is 9. Half way to 18.

The gradual process to adulthood has begun.

She's recently started walking to and from school by herself, and she's more self-sufficient these days (mostly).

It's a beautiful thing, really, and so natural.

But also bittersweet.

She's beaming with pride and exuding a new-found confidence. When she gets home from school, her body language and huge grin say "Mom, I did it!"

I'm so proud of her and I'm starting to see the young woman she will one day be.

But I can't lie. It's a transition for me. Since choosing to work part-time from home, part of my "job" has been to walk Sofia to and from school. Yes I'm gaining more time on both ends of the day, but I'm missing our routine of walking to school hand in hand (when she will let me) and giving her a hug and a kiss to send her off on her day. I also miss seeing my school community of other parents.

This morning when Sofia left for school I felt like my heart was walking out the door as I choked back tears.

I know this is only the beginning. I'm holding onto the special moments and enjoying the ride.

Any sage advice from those who've come before me?

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