Thursday, January 28, 2016

Color Me Happy!

Of all of the mindfulness practices I've tried - meditation, journaling, yoga - coloring works best! I am totally in the moment. I lose track of time. I'm relaxed and happy . . . . All while playing with color! I think I've found my happy place!

I've been coloring alongside Sofia while she's eating breakfast in the morning. It's amazing how peaceful I feel and how much I enjoy being alongside my girl! Every morning she's complimented me on my "masterpiece" - "Mommy, that is beautiful!" - which also feels great!

My "studio" is my kitchen counter, and my supplies are Sofia's "yummy scented" gel pens (these are my fav) and a cup of tea!
Here is Tuesday's "masterpiece:" 


Yesterday I used just two colors - pink and orange - and I worked on it throughout the day, each time I got lost in the colors and felt calm and happy. 

Today I was short on time and I went with one color, and had Sofia help me finish it as I wrapped up breakfast so we could get out the door for school.
Do yourself a favor and get a coloring calendar or coloring book! You will love it!

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