Sunday, March 25, 2012

What is an Arm Party?

According to Amy Evans, proprietress at Bon Lemon, “An Arm Party is an excuse to wear all of your bracelets at once!” Amy is the creative genius behind the Arm Party Challenge, a fun Facebook contest I’m participating in. (And I am planning to win!)

Amy’s advice for designing your Arm Party: “Let your personality shine through. Sparkly, fierce, delicate, or colorful.  Pile on the bracelets (you can never have too many) and go.”

It’s easy: click on this link and “like” the photo of my Tangerine Tango and Turquoise ensemble. Please vote by this Wednesday, March 28.

I’m not usually this focused on winning and promoting myself but I love creating beautiful, colorful, stylish things and sharing them with others. Plus I’m doing a bit of informal research to see just how powerful social media can be. And the $200 in Bon Lemon merchandise is also a huge motivator! Thanks in advance for your “like.” I think it would be fun to get 200 “likes,” so please spread the word!

I am having so much fun with this that I created an Arm Party board on Pinterest.

Bonne Chance!

Amy (the other one, not me!) wanted me to encourage everyone to enter the Arm Party Challenge…. Even though I am going to WIN, I’d love some good competition and mostly I’d like this promotion be a big success for Bon Lemon. You can find everything you need to know about the contest, including tips for creating your Arm Party, on Bon Lemon’s blog.  

A Bit About Bon Lemon

Amy Evans is crazy about sparkles like I am crazy about color! Her Bon Lemon online boutique and tiny shop on the West Side of Olympia (where I grew up) are filled with sparkling and colorful bobbles, jewels, handbags and scarves… and lots of cheery yellow!  Her blog is a great place to read about her POV on life, style, community, business, family, and of course sparkles, sparkles and more sparkles, including her latest post about a sparkly manicure.  I think I need to run out and get one today! I know most of you won’t make it to good old Oly for a visit, but a trip to Bon Lemon’s website is definitely worth your time. Enjoy!

So here’s to Arm Parties, sparkles and color! May the best Arm Party (mine!) win! Don’t forget to cast your vote by this Wednesday, March 28. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Colorful Thank-You

Recently I recommended a friend and former colleague to someone I know at her dream employer. It was easy to put in a good word for her because I think she is fantastic. I did it purely because I believe in her and expected nothing in return. Wow, was I in for a big surprise when we met for tea last week.
My talented and fabulous friend presented me with this beautiful and colorful clutch purse she made in appreciation for me putting in a good word for her. As you can imagine, I was tickled. No detail was overlooked… even the inside is colorful and has the perfect pockets for a phone and lipstick!

And to keep the gratitude going, I wanted to put in another good word for her and her creative and imaginative online business that she started with her husband: Smitten + Spun.

You can check out their blog and find their handcrafted goodies on Etsy. I think you could even special order one of these clutches if you ask really nicely!

Has someone done something wonderful and unexpected for you recently? Be sure to tell them how much you appreciate it and keep the gratitude flowing.

Thank you. Merci. Gracias!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pretty Purple Door

On my walk this morning, I came across this pretty purple door on North Capitol Hill. I have seen it before but this time it really caught my attention. In person, it's actually a beautiful, deep, muted periwinkle. In this picture, taken with my phone, it looks a lot more purple. Either way, I think it is gorgeous and I wanted to share it with you. To me, it says "welcome to our home" in such a lovely hue.

What color of door welcomes you home each day?