Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Colorful Day!

Yesterday was one of the most colorful days I have had in a long time, from beginning to end. I started the day with a color consultation that I gave to my friend Megan as part of her birthday present. She’s a beautiful, vibrant person but she doesn’t wear much color and if she does, it’s usually blue, black or gray. I was determined to help her pick a signature color that she could own and feel great in. I used my “color guru” Leatrice Eiseman’s Colortime system to help determine the best palette of colors for Megan. From there we honed in on a signature color for her. It was hard to pick just one but we ended up in the hot pink and purple range.

In addition to picking her colors, we spent our time together talking about spring fashions, how much we love color and how much it influences our lives. Her husband even joined the conversation exclaiming “I love color!” It was a bit surprising coming from him but it only confirmed what I already believed: everyone loves color, they just might not be aware of it. But once they are, I’ve found that everyone has a color story and they fess up to how much color influences them.

Next stop – an afternoon treat with Sofia and Geoff. Sofia and I have been in search of the best French macaron in Seattle for about a year. I think we found it yesterday along with the most colorful cafĂ© in Seattle – Ines Patisserie in Madison Valley. It is an authentic French patisserie with delicious French pastries, brightly colored walls and three glassybaby on each table. I can’t wait to go back for a yummy, green pistachio macaron.

My final stop of the day was at a very swank event at the downtown Seattle Nordstrom featuring Kate Spade New York’s creative director Deborah Lloyd. I met my good friend, Tessa, there for girls’ night out before she has her first baby in a few weeks. I arrived a few minutes before Tessa and at first was a bit intimidated by the super chic crowd. I was wearing my super colorful vintage Kate Spade-esque dress that I bought at the Pretty Parlor on Seattle’s Capitol Hill a couple of months ago. It felt a bit risky wearing something like this – what if it was “so last year?” Well, I think it got me noticed by Ms. Lloyd. I found her amongst the crowd immediately and caught her eye as she was eyeing my dress! I waited for a few minutes while she finished a media interview and then she greeted me. She was even lovelier (and tinier!) than I expected. She told me twice how much she loved my dress. It made my day… I’m glad I went out on a limb and wore it. Just more proof that people connect over color.

There was a lot of hot berry pink going on at the Kate Spade event. I think I will send Megan shopping there for something special in her signature color.

Deborah was wearing this darling orange and hot pink patent leather purse with a black and white dress. It may be just the pop of color I need for spring!

It was a lovely, lovely day all around. I wish everyday was this colorful!

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