Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Color is Your Car?

From a very young age, I have loved cars. Not just any cars... European sports cars to be exact. I think my first love was a dark teal Porsche that one of my dad's friends owned. When I was six or seven he took me for a ride in it.  I will never forget that. Next, I fell for a dark green convertible Triumph TR7 that I saw on a family summer vacation in Leavenworth.  A young newlywed couple was driving it on their honeymoon. It seemed like pure bliss to me, even at that young age!

I met my husband in college and he drove a red Alfa Romeo Spider. We often joke that I fell for him because of his car. There is probably some truth in that! At least it got him noticed… and that is exactly the theory behind what the color of your car says about you.  

I was reading Leatrice Eiseman's The Color Answer Book on a recent Saturday morning. When I came to the section titled “What Your Car Color Says About You” my heart skipped a beat and I read it with great interest!

We have three cars: red, white and black. According to Eiseman, an international color expert and executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, vibrant red cars = sexy, speedy, high-energy and dynamic.  White = fastidious (ie: very attentive to and concerned about accuracy and details.) Black = empowered, not easily manipulated, loves elegance, appreciates classic.

It’s crazy, but these all ring true for me. See the box below to find out what the color of your car says about YOU! Any truth in it?

 Source: The Color Answer Book. 100+ Frequently Asked Color Questions for Home, Health and Happiness by Leatrice Eiseman

And I think, actually I know, we passed down our love for European sports cars to our daughter Sofia. One of her first words was “Porsche” (no kidding, there is a classic green one in our neighborhood that she loves). And her favorite thing to do on a sunny day is go for a ride in the Alfa with daddy! Like father like daughter…. Like mother like daughter!

This morning my husband zoomed off to work in his little red sports car. I have to say, it was pretty sexy!


  1. Love it! My car is black. You'll never see me with a Taupe car.

  2. I've read in some magazine that carmine red cars are accident prone. I don't know the veracity of these statistics, but I think I might just know the reason: because the color guide says it's sexy and speedy, perhaps a dash of danger is always attached to it. Me? I prefer a yellow gold car. I believe I'm an intelligent fella. Heehee.

    Carson Wininger

  3. The colors help us gravitate toward certain cars. We associate certain moods and styles using color and, by extension, it applies to cars as well. Red's a bright, passionate color so it's easy to see why it would be considered sexy and energetic.
    -Tari Ledsome-