Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wild Sweet Orange

I have a new love! Tazo's Wild Sweet Orange herbal infusion tea. I recently enjoyed it at my in-laws house and bought a box of my own when we got home. It's funny that after working at Starbucks all those years (Tazo is a Starbucks brand) with access to free coffee and tea, that I didn’t discover this delicious, comforting gem. Actually I think I tried it once but it definitely was not love at first sip.

The tea bags are wrapped in cheery orange paper (which I love!) and the description on the box reads "A juicy blend of lemongrass, citrus herbs, licorice root & orange essences." Yum! 

It's caffeine free so it's the perfect mid-morning treat after I am fully caffeinated from my early morning black tea (Harney & Sons Paris is still my favorite), or during my mid-afternoon slump if I can resist caffeine, or after dinner instead of a high-calorie sugary dessert. Be sure to do add a bit of honey to give it some extra sweetness.

I discovered if you drink it out of a clear glass you also get to enjoy the beautiful orange color of this delightful beverage. It almost looks like Easter egg die but it's transparent.

The full description on the back of the box makes it truly irresistible:

"Imagine the invigorating bite of a succulent orange in a Marrakesh market, and you get a sense of TAZO® WILD SWEET ORANGE: multilayered orange flavors with exotic hints of spice and a distinctive, floral finish. It's a blend of blackberry leaves, lemongrass, spearmint, orange peels and ginger that is quite wild indeed.”

Atop the box, a message reads:

"In some places, Tazo is more highly valued than magical pebbles."

I love the unorthodox, non-corporate, mystical Zenness of Tazo!!

As I was taking pictures in my kitchen for this post, my juicy orange glassybaby collection caught my eye.

Speaking of juicy, these little oranges from Trader Joe's are amazingly sweet and juicy and good for you!

Pay attention to what catches your eye and your other senses today. The color and magic in our world are pretty amazing if you take the time to see them! Happy day friends. Xoxo.

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