Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quiet is Your Friend

Boatyard Inn, Whidbey Island - a quiet and tranquil place.

Hi friends, Happy Tuesday. In my post on Friday I mentioned that I had seen a career coach the day before. She had so much good advice and one of the themes was about slowing down and enjoying the quiet. It's really hard for many to do as we lead busy lives with kids, jobs, homes, and obligations galore. She reiterated this advice to me at the end of our session and I wrote it down in all caps:


She said I have to get quiet to let the universe talk to me about what I am supposed to do next for my career and to help me relax and focus. (Amen to that!)

So I am trying to unplug a bit and enjoy some quiet. Kind of a challenge with a three-year-old who is on mid-winter break but I am doing little things: sending less email (which means I get less email), reading a novel (instead of self-help and career books), going to the beach (Sofia and I went on a day trip to Whidbey Island yesterday), unsubsribing from emails I no longer want or need, going to church and hot yoga on Sunday (both were exhilirating) and taking a break from Facebook. I am also going to book an overnight by myself on Whidbey Island next week to meditate and walk and enjoy the quiet. Oh, and I am going to try to take a break from blogging for the week, which is really hard because it's my passion right now and I love sharing myself with you in this medium. But I will be back next week after some peace and quiet.

Enjoy mid-winter break if you're on one!


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