Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Big 4-0!

No, not mine - yet!

Last night I was honored to be included in an intimate 40th birthday celebration for my good friend Heidi. Her husband perfectly planned and executed a surprise dinner at one of her favorite restaurants -  Zoe in downtown Seattle. I had not been there before but have been dying to try it for years. The food was exotic and interesting (or what I affectionately call "froo froo!"). Heidi played it safe (as usual) and ordered chicken and a non-alcoholic cocktail aptly named Clear Conscience while others ventured out and ordered the whole hog, sturgeon and braised beef. I thoroughly enjoyed the winter squash risotto and Rose Cremant bubbly. We all shared lemon yumminess and pear panna cotta for dessert, with a birthday candle for Heidi of course.

As friends and former job share partners at Starbucks, Heidi and I have been talking about this milestone for at least a couple of years. As communicators, we were constantly writing "nearly 40 years ago" in anticipation of the coffee giant's 40th anniversary this year. While we were proud to share 1971 with Starbucks, we weren't totally excited about turning 40 ourselves. We both have come around to the idea (at least I have and I think Heidi has too) and we think 40 will be great. I have had several friends tell me 40 is fabulous and better than 30. They all seem to have a renewed confidence and healthy glow. It’s a new club that I’m almost ready to join!

For me it is a time of reflection and eager anticipation of the next chapters. Of course, I have almost a year to truly embrace it but I know that Heidi and I will support each other through the ups and downs, as we always have. I also have some time to figure out the perfect celebration - European excursion with my hubby? Mexico, New York or Las Vegas with friends? Big bash, small gathering? (BTW, I am taking any and all suggestions from you 40-somethings!)

Heidi and I are celebrating again tomorrow with brunch at my favorite neighborhood restaurant – Volunteer Park Café. After all, she is the one who coined “birthday season.” And this one seems to deserve lots of celebration.
Happy Birthday Heidi!

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun--and you are wearing my favorite color ;-)