Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wabi Sabi Hydrangeas

I love hydrangeas. They were my wedding flower 13 years ago. I usually prefer the blue ones. In my mind, they are the" perfect" flower. I have planted several hydrangeas in my yard: 3 blue that turned pink and 1 pink that turned blue. Go figure! I also love the Limelight green hydrangeas and have a couple in my yard too. The pink ones don't really go with the colors I envision in my garden until they turn a deep red in the fall. Then they are perfect. I have tried all kinds of tricks to turn the pink ones back to blue but alas they want to be pink, and then red.

The blue hydrangea in my front yard has one" perfect" blue blossom on it right now amongst other shades of blue. This one blossom is an anamoly. Maybe it is actually the imperfect one and the others are perfect. Thus the wabi sabi hydrangea. The beauty in imperfection. I have noticed this hydrangea more this year because of the random coloring than I ever have in the 12 years it has been in my yard. The notion of wabi sabi is clearly opening up my eyes to the imperfect world which is so beautiful and perfect to me.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Aha! I Have to Start a Blog!

                          (View from my recent Port Townsend beach house retreat. So good for my soul!)

I recently left my corporate PR job at a really big amazing coffee company to spend more time with my daughter and to figure out what I want to do next – what feeds my soul. While on a walk this morning (by myself), I was struggling with a professional decision and a potential personal decision. My mind was full – it hurt, I felt anxious.  I made a decision to stop thinking about the decisions and to enjoy my walk.  The sun was shining in my face – I was following it, soaking up the Vitamin D that I need so badly.  I let my mind go and the idea for this blog literally popped into my mind. I had an Aha moment.  I never imagined writing a blog. But it became evident quickly that this is something I couldn’t not do. (Proper grammar: I had to do it!) I walked fast to get home to start writing.  

So, here are some of the things that came to mind immediately that I plan to cover in this blog, as long as they continue to feed my soul.
·         Going for a walk – BY MYSELF
·         Family
·         Friends – old and new
·         Flowers
·         Riding my bike
·         Flying a kite
·         Travel – near and far
·         Paris
·         Cards – in my mailbox
·         Creative People
·         Entertaining – and being entertained
·         Amazing Women
·         Giving and receiving
·         Color – especially orange, but I am not exclusive
·         Cool Products for a Cause
·         Dancing
·         Good Books
·         Good Magazines
·         Going to Church
·         My Morning Devotional
·         Neighborhood Restaurants (favs: Volunteer Park Café, Café Lago)
·         My Friends’ Blogs
·         Changing Seasons
·         Lake Tahoe
·         The Arboretum
·         The Wine Guy (will explain later!)
·         Bluebirds
I’d love to hear from you what feeds your soul, too.